Sunday, April 29, 2012

Citizen Journalism App.

Citizen journalism within the last couple decades have lead to many controversies such as the Rodney King case.  Recently, a Middle Eastern entrepreneur, Mark Malkoun developed an app called Signal that lets users upload content through their smart phones.  Citizen journalism has been an important aspect in providing insight on different aspects of a certain event or phenomenon that is sometimes bias when portrayed through large media outlets.
A prime example of this is when the riots among the racial minority were occurring in France and an individual named Alex Chan.  He created a cartoon film called The French Democracy, in order to depict the ideological side of the rioters who were immediately detained and silenced by the French government without question.  Mark Malkoun's app is extremely helpful for citizens to voice their side of the story where censorship and propaganda plague media outlets with bias news. Axel Brun's analysis on the dichotomy between mainstream and off-mainstream media is important in this case because the app provides an alternative perspective to first tier media content. Especially in the Middle East where tensions of war and political debate is fierce, it serves as a useful tool for citizens to voice their opinion.


  1. There's a nice story about this posted by one of your classmates: Of course, you were the first to "break" the story on our class blog. In future, you might want to develop connections to the readings (such as the article by Bruns) more explicitly on the assumption that you might have a public audience outside of class. I hope you enjoy the part of the class when we discuss news and machinima and works such as The French Democracy. Stay tuned!

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