Friday, June 8, 2012

YouTube to live stream Olympics in Asia, Africa.

YouTube will provide live webcasts of the upcoming London Olympic Games to viewers in Asia and Africa, the video website's latest step to position itself as a prime media destination with marquee content.

In this years olympics YouTube is providing 2,200 hours of free, live coverage!  I found this article extremely interesting because overtime coverage of sports is becoming more and more convenient.  Instead of only reading about the olympics and knowing results from word of mouth, technology has provided the connivence of watching the olympics right on your computer.  Of course recently we have had the ability of watching the Olympics on television, but is the next age computers? Well knowing that YouTube has become one of the Web's most popular video sites, this could be a huge transition to the media world.

The cost of broadcasting the Olympics on television can be a hefty sum, which makes one wonder the exact price YouTube is paying to show 2,200 hours of live programming which includes 32 sports.  It was reports that NBC paid about $2 billion for the rights of the 2010 winter and 2012 Summer Games, which shows the demand of this particular event.  I personally am excited for the diverse and intense events that will be broadcasted for my connivence on YouTube.  One does not have to stay at home to follow the world wide sporting event.  Instead they just need Wi-FI and a laptop.  

I am excited to see how overtime broadcasting will change.  Every time our technology advances I always wonder how they can improve more, and I am always amazing by the next advance.  Even countries that have a high amount of censorship are jumping on board with this YouTube agreement including, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and China.  The wide range of internet users are now welcome to the exciting and now more watched Olympic games!

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