Monday, April 23, 2012

Corruption and needless spending in our Government

Two events have occurred the last couple weeks that have shocked the news world, government and citizens of the United States.  The first scandal was surrounding the General Services Administration who is supposed to set the standards for efficiency and cost-cutting, responsible for making sure the government does not waste taxpayer money.  They spent $830,000 on a weekend trip to Vegas which was an outrageous and needless spending of citizens tax dollars for their own personal enjoyment.
The second event, which even has President Obama defending himself against their actions, was when Agents from the Secret Service hired prostitutes while accompanying the President on a foreign relations trip to Columbia.  This came to the surface as the result of one of the agents refusing to pay $40 for services rendered.  By this flagrant disregard of their responsibilities to represent the United States in a professional manner that is expected from the Secret Service, whose job it is to protect the President from harm, these agents jeopardized the national security of our country, risking blackmail, dishonoring our nation and punishment as a result of their indulgent A-type personalities.
These huge events have grown so large among digital media, newspapers, magazines and so many television entertainment shows like the Daily Show, they have become daily segments on the evening news programs.
These events have shown why we should question whether our government agencies are fulfilling the purpose of their existence.  How ironic that the head of the GSA, whose agency is responsible for fighting corruption in the government, is being accused of corruption as a result of his poor decision of planning and approving a trip to Las Vegas for his own department.
It is also so ironic that presumed conservative, straight, wholesome, intelligent, and honest, trained government representatives can make decisions that compromise our government, themselves, the security of the President and the nation as a whole because of their selfish and immature behavior.
         The head of the GSA has resigned because of the scandal in disgrace and at least six secret service agents have been fired from their positions.

ITEMS bought in Vegas on the GSA boondoggle –

Clown, mind-readers, canteens, bicycles, Commemorative coins, keychains, T-shirts, yearbooks (thereby, ironically, keeping a RECORD of what they were doing in Vegas)


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  1. You have certainly picked two newsworthy recent scandals involving the Obama administration. However, it might be helpful to extend your analysis specifically to make connections with the materials in our digital journalism class. For example, what does it mean when mainstream media outlets mock spending and behavior much as late-night comedy shows do? How does the tone of the news change from its traditional pose of neutrality? Can you make connections to the Boler article about the Daily Show?