Thursday, April 19, 2012

Traditional Journalism No More?

As we've been discussing in class, the style and composition of traditional journalism methods are rapidly becoming replaced by new media methods of reporting. Today, we had a discussion about what type of newspaper (print or digital) hooks today's audience? Do we enjoy sitting down with that black and white printed newspaper, or do we prefer reading snippets of tweets or headlines from mobile newspaper apps as ways to get our information?

On the very interesting and relevant Mediabistro blog, 10,000 Words: Where Journalism and Technology Meet, Mona Zhang wrote a piece on how today's journalists are required to "don different hats." Journalists must now be well versed in a multitude of different specialities, including photography, video, writing, reporting, etc. No longer can a successful journalist be just a journalist reporting on a story. The article also touches on the idea of citizen journalism and how audiences are legitimizing the news they hear. Audiences are frequently trying to decipher what news is real and what isn't, from the information they get from multiple social media and online sources.

Additionally, check out this infographic from Mediabistro's AllTwitter: The Unofficial Twitter Resource:

You can view the infographic in full size here.

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  1. This is a really great source that nicely complements the discussion that we had with David Folkenflik about how traditional journalists have had to retrain and the reading that we've been doing about how journalists at The Guardian view the increased labor of digital journalism. I particularly like the "old news' infographic.