Thursday, April 12, 2012

Digital Distribution driving all sectors of Communications Up

Here is an interesting article from Forbes today.

New Forecast: Media Spending Growing Faster Than GDP

It looks like the economic prospects for the communication sector are "bright and getting brighter."

Digital distribution seems to be driving all the sectors up. Except publishing, print (paper) publishing of all types is still down and dropping.

Here is another positive bit of information for all of us in the Communication department:

"It’s also proving to be a huge boon for the public relations industry. After pure-play internet and mobile, PR is the fastest-growing segment, with spending set to jump 14.6% this year. That has everything to do with the fact that every company now has to have a social media presence and and interface with its consumers over the web."


Javier Armstrong


  1. I've been thinking about your article since you posted it. It's interesting. A couple of things that we all might muse over:

    1. The article strikes me as being as much about corporate messaging and dollars spent for that, as anything. Of this money, or alongside this money, the most was being spent on "pure-play internet and mobile [messaging]." Is that right? Or is it something else? How would we define this sectors, and what does its prevalence mean, especially in the world of digital journalism and digital blogging.
    2. While some of us might feel relief at the recovery of the PR sector and what it means for future job prospects -- and more than understandably so -- what does this suggest when it comes to how (maybe especially, remember Forbes covers business as much as anything) business news gets framed, packaged, and etc.? How does this influence news, for good and bad? What would our guest speakers say about this?

    Nice article spot, again. -- Sam

  2. Sam raises some interesting questions about how situating the value of the field of communication in relationship to the public interest can be different from situating its value economically. The rising PR sector already has a large role in the journalistic enterprise, as our analysis of the databases from which news comes will show.