Sunday, April 29, 2012

Twitters effect on sports

Twitter has changed the world of sports media. Athletes from major sports are twitting. Yes, high paid athletes are tweeting, and sharing their thoughts to the media world. The scary part of professional/collegiate athletes twitting, no supervision. All franchises in sports have a PR department. The PR department helps keep a positive image of players from their respective team. But, with twitter athletes are able to convey their thoughts to the public. They are able to address their political views, contract disputes, and whatever they feel like. Twitting may cause professional athletes to receive heavy backlash for comments they make. However, twitter does allow professional athletes to communicate with fans, and help economically as well. This article that I  came across is quite interesting. It discusses the negatives of twitter, and gives examples of incidents where it cause harm to their sports. One example the articles mentions that NBA owner Mark Cuban criticizing the officials during a basketball game. So the question is asked, should twitter be regulated, and should professional athletes be banned from using it? Check the article out.

-mansoor paghmani

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  1. I think you make some interesting observations about the effect of Twitter on sports coverage, now that the opinions of athletes can appear without a journalistic intermediary. As one of your fellow classmates points out in a piece on "Impulse Tweets" ( this can also erode professionalism. You might want to develop posts like this more with fleshed-out paragraphs and analysis of your source with links in the text. Don't forget those tags and a photo. (I added some tags to your post.)