Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reportage Styles

During week two we examined two different styles of reportage. One style was exemplified in the piece we watched by Kara Swisher where she doesn't appear in the frame, but shoots the video herself. During her news story she talked directly to the audience, was personable, used humor, and didn't use an interview format. She used new media (her personal mobile) and had a less shaped story, and more of a seeing-the-story-as-it-unfolds method, sort of incidental and in the moment. Although her method felt more intimate and that she was very involved in the process and had knowledge behind her story, the video was somewhat shaky and the sound quality wasn't that great. Nicholas Kristof was the example of the other style of reportage, where he appeared in the frame. Differentiating from Kara's video, his has better sound, used traditional media (camera man/tripod), had a narrative, and was carefully edited. Although they are both great journalists, overall his seemed a little bit more professional and was more appealing to watch.

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