Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Virtual Businesses don't need huge workforce.

Here is an article written by my friend Steve. He is Editor-in-Chief at Hitchedmag.com an online magazine that deals with married couples. It claims to "entertain, educate, and inspire married couples." Check it out at www.hitchedmag.com

The article talks about how Instagram and it's small workforce legitimizes other small start-ups. —I did not know that Instagram was a 16 person operation!! His online magazine hitchedmag.com for that matter is only a 2 person operation. I was shocked to read this.

These are the types of businesses that can potentially make a big impact as Instagram showed us last week with their sale to Facebook for $1 Billion.

"Today’s businesses that work primarily in a virtual world, whether creating apps, content, offering services, etc., don’t need a huge workforce to have an impact or to reach a mass market. I’m not saying businesses shouldn’t look to hire when necessary, but having fewer than 100 employees is not a sign of weakness."



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  1. It might be interesting to make more explicit connections between the small workforce start-up model and what works in digital journalism or a discussion of how Instagram's corporate model relates to the enterprise of digital journalism.