Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google Domination

There is no doubt that Google has become the main ruler of the World Wide Web. Through its convenience, comfort, and trust, Google has focused our attention on its miracles rather than the ways through which it exerts control. One of the key characteristics is that it determines which websites pop-up in the search results; this trafficking causes a mold of certain standards into the web. Although it doesn’t block pornographic sites or those containing explicit content, it does degrade them by making it less likely that they will appear in our search. Another way through which Google exerts its power, is through its advertising auction program, which is responsible for approximately 97% of the company’s’ profits. Firms are favored and rewarded for meeting the company’s quality standards, such as simple pages that load quickly, lack of flashy animation, and coherence in search terms that helps ensure users are not tricked into clocking on pornographic material. Google also has limited access to sites with malware so that people don’t drift towards protected domains, such as “wall gardens” and “gated communities”. Although “safe search” is automatically turned on when accessing Google (filters adult content), it rarely censors politically controversial or troublesome search results.

Google narrows down our options so that we are not overwhelmed by the vast amount of resources and information on the web. It has become most popular through its characteristic of being a search-engine service, fueled by advertising. It acquired YouTube in 2006, the leading web-video host, putting itself at the center of major world events. Another key aspect that has contributed to Google’s ruling of the web, is the vast amount of purposes and services it provides. It hosts e-mail, has a blogger service, has a VoIP service similar to that of Skype, and you can even buy things off of Google- contributing to web-based commerce. It has also become a software company, owning word processor, spreadsheets, presentation creators, and calendars. Google also has Chrome- it's very own web browser. It even hosts health records and millions of scanned books that you can partially view for free or that you can pay for to access the entire thing. Lastly, there is Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View, all of which use a satellite for location and direction services. 

Because it covers so many different spectrums, and covers many different markets, it ads to the overall power of the company and Google's internet domination.


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