Thursday, May 10, 2012

Students waste time on youtube

There is a clear link between nonproductive students and YouTube use. The purpose of YouTube is to be able to share videos of anything at anytime. The problem with the website is that is extremely addicting. There are so  many videos to choose from and the related video choices entice people to to keep watching more. These videos have been known to keep students from doing productive activities like going to class, doing home work, and working out. Not to mention the videos on YouTube seem to be of less and less importance or significance. One such genre of useless videos are the ten hour repeat videos. A ten hour repeat video is a continuous loop of a repeated song, occurring, or activity that is posted on YouTube. Some of these repeat videos such as the "Amazing Horse" video (see link below). This video is a continuous loop of a catchy song for ten hours. The video, though entertaining, provides no practical or beneficial content to anyone yet it has almost 13 million views. It makes one wonder what people are wasting their time on these days. Why is this video so popular?


  1. The question of popularity is certainly an important one in this class, especially given that we break out "popular posts" on the right, but to gain viewers with non-meme content involves appealing to your audience and a posting about digital journalism specifically would be what a visit to this site would generally expect.

  2. I just want to know, who would listen to the same song for 10 hours?! I never understood YouTube. I never understood how someone could waste time on it watching videos for hours on end. I guess I should go check out this video, or maybe I shouldn't because then I could get addicted.