Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stumbleupon is a pretty good idea

I never realized until recently that stumbleupon.com has affected the way i take in new information drastically by expanding my base of knowledge in the internet.  If you don't have a stumbleupon account you should because based on your interests it takes you to random websites and pages and greatly expands ones base of knowledge. In fact because of stumbleupon, it has become much easier and more exciting to write my own personal blogs because i will for example stumble on some interesting article about food or cooking that i can actually try and write about.

Since this kind of site is a discovery engine it allows one to discover sites that you may have never known which is so useful in expanding ones knowledge of online content, despite sites that you stumble upon can be useless or random there can be a lot of waste but also you get the same chance to find something useful.  This type of discovery engine has been useful to me and to many other people on finding new information and would recommend that everyone get a stumbleupon account.  It can cure a boring night too.

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