Sunday, May 13, 2012

Twitter causing problems between NFL players

Osi Umenyiora star defensive player for the super bowl champion New York Giants. He has a long history of problems with Philadelphia Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy. After all, both respective teams they play for are division rivals. Osi Umenyiora main problem was with LeSean McCoy on the football field. But, last year LeSean McCoy famously tweeted on twitter about Osi Umenyiora, "Overrated," and he also said Umenyiora was "soft." Osi Umenyiora lashed out to the media regarding LeSean McCoy. He called McCoy, "Lady Gaga," and a "girl." Now Osi Umenyiora recently created a twitter account, and he tweeted about LeSean McCoy, "Happy Mothers Day LeSean McCoy! Enjoy your special day!!" Clearly, LeSean McCoy is not a woman. But, certainly this rivalry is starting to really heat up. Thank you twitter. Check the article out at ESPN.

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