Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Its a sad day for people in the UK :(

Today I was looking at my BBC app and read a story that The Pirate Bay, a well known torrent site has been blocked in the UK by ISP's by the High Court.  Although this will probably mean a lot less viruses for UK internet users its still sad to see it go in that country because if you like to download torrents you are just gonna have to find another place to go,except they are also blocking other sites such as Newzbin2.  In the UK officials are saying that these torrent sites are taking away the jobs of British people and upcoming artists (don't that's true).  Hopefully we get some updates on the future of torrent downloading in the UK.

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  1. I think you could make arguments about the news value of torrent sites and how they contribute to digital journalism (particularly as a very efficient way to download video). Try to develop your entries so a current news story (like the closure of Pirate Bay) can be developed as a way to extend our class conversation on the class blog.