Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better !

Word on the web is that Google and Apple are going head to head in competition over a mapping application. According to a report by MSNBC news, Apple has decided to break off from using Google maps on their iPhone devices and instead is pursuing to introduce its own mapping application “as one of the most- valued features on the iPhone”.

Apple is said to make the news public on Monday at the company’s own annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held for software developers. Google, as one of the biggest power players will be in attendance, but the news is not in any way slowing them down. Recent reports have said that Google too has been hard at work and will be launching a new and improved Google maps. The application will allow for off-road and offline searching, whether on a subway or no internet connection. The newly renovated app will be made available for its Android phone in the next few weeks. With its new capabilities, consumers will experience 3-D features and access to download maps directly to their mobile phones. 

In the process of newly renovating their approach with technology and maintaining consumer interests, Google has also created its own news site dedicated solely to the company’s whereabouts and doings. Providing an online news site provides details of investments, company gains, new and updated software, as well as future and current deals with other tech companies.

Its latest article for example discusses the expansion of the technology accelerator IGEN Networks Corp. branch, ‘Gogiro Internet Group,’ across North America. The site reports on the company’s regional coverage and full synchronization of “Google Apps suite of Gmail, drive/docs, calendar, and Google+.

According to the Google Apps News site greeting, the website “is your site for the latest news, information, and uses cases that exemplify how Google Apps can be deployed in parallel with other applications and services to drive business efficiency and reduce communications costs”. For the tech savvy and Google consumers, the featured articles are your one stop shop for greater technology. 

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