Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Future of News

The newspaper industry is dying quickly. Today, people are more interested in following the news through the resources offered online. As a society, and the rapid development of technology, we are starting to move away from reading print newspapers. With the emergence of smart phones, Ipads, Amazon's Kindle, and many more newer technology, we have the ability to read breaking news with the tip of our fingers. No media industries can provide the live coverage of breaking news 24/7 like the apps available on smart phones, and other smart gadgets. Granted the newspaper industry has provided news, throughout the world for centuries. The newspaper industry has always faced competition throughout the history of the media industry against superior technology in the radio, and television. It has survived competition from the radio, and television, however the internet posed the biggest threat to them. Sports writer Jay Mariotti has famously criticized the newspaper industry during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, because during his coverage of the Olympics, he noticed most of the news coverage were writers working for websites, while a small amount of newspaper writers were covering the Beijing Olympics.

Although, the internet never fully surpassed the newspaper, but it has damaged the newspaper industry. The newspaper industry has to face the likes of mobile apps, ipad apps, and other types of newly developed technology.Today iphone and android markets have developed apps like Scoople,, and taptu. These apps enables news readers to receive top headline news to its user, from a variety of news sections. Read more at this link. Cutting out print newspaper may be the best decision. Because, it will reduce the usage of paper, and the use of ink. In addition, as a society we are starting to move through the spirit of "go green!" So the newspaper will have to deal with campaigns against them. I think that the newspaper industry should strike deals with tech savvy industries, and no longer deal with printing papers. It may cut jobs, however it can have the potential to create more jobs, and help us move faster along. 

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