Saturday, June 9, 2012

MLB Stars or Social Media Stars?

MLB's All-Stars can be Social Media Stars

Throughout the recent era Facebook and twitter have become a social norm.  These media and social networking websites have been the favored method of communication.  Celebrities have paved the path for followers on social networking websites such as Twitter.  Many can ask the question, which celebrities should be allowed to tweet on their job? Well many employers have certain regulations to where athletes and celebrities can tweet, but in the MLB all-star game athletes are going to be tweeting before and after the game!

A new and interesting addition to this 2012 playoffs is that computers will be installed adjacent to clubhouses for players to post on MLB's Facebook page and Twitter feed or on their own feeds- which Fox will promote on-air. Although this idea isn't completely new, it has proven to be a hit at last year’s home run derby. Through the interaction of athletes with their followers many feel that it will result in an increase on ratings. 

The Derby on ESPN: The 23 players who used Twitter during that event gained about 121,428 followers which, according to MLB, was an average per-player increase of 17%. At the event's end, it generated nearly 5,000 tweets per second.  Overall I feel that the participation of athletes is important.  These sports leagues are businesses, so therefore should ask of players to connect to their fans via Facebook or Twitter.  The leagues want to produce money and what better way than connecting athletes with fans?  I feel that this is a great way to increase revenue for sports leagues. Maybe in the future other leagues will adopt this method of participation… of course we have to wonder how far this could go.

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