Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Grist is an environmental magazine and now website that has combined journalism, advocacy and lifestyle into a very successful product.

On their website they say that, "Grist has been dishing out environmental news and commentary with a wry twist since 1999 — which, to be frank, was way before most people cared about such things. Now that green is in every headline and on every store shelf (bamboo hair gel, anyone?), Grist is the one site you can count on to help you make sense of it."

They cover a variety of different topics including climate change, agriculture, green building development, politics, public transportation and sustainable living. Their articles cover everything from vegan celebrities to investigative journalism about the safety concerns of GM foods.

Grist is able to do all of this as a non-profit that is supported by donations by readers and advertising as well as by grants from organizations like the Ford Foundation.


  1. This is impressive news and awake for social work. Environmental care is necessary and thanks to donors for their gentle support. My team of Journalism Courses in India will lift such issues to local level.

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