Friday, June 8, 2012

Cool Things About Social Media

I was browsing the internet, and came across an interesting article. The article is dedicated to the cool facts of social media. Its goes over the cool facts of facebook, twitter, youtube, google plus, blogging, and other social media sites. I will mention one cool fact or stat with regards to facebook, twitter, youtube, google plus, and blogging.

people across the globe are
joining social media networks

One cool fact about facebook. More than 350 million users suffer from Facebook Addiction Syndrome. 

Thirty percent of twitter users have an income of higher than one hundred thousand dollars. It is a scary number, but many celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, billionaires, and businessmen across the world uses twitter.

Does anyone know how youtube was founded? Youtube was founded to share dinner clips of a party, because emails could not hold long video clips.

Google plus is used mainly by males. Don't believe me? Two/thirds are male users!

How many people blogs online? There are three million new blogs appearing every month online. I guess some blogs are formed, because classes at UCSD requires one to do so.

Read the article here. If you have any other cool facts on social media, post it on the comments section!

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