Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Real Fan Favorite!

A Website That you Might Want To Follow!

A lot of social media covers sports.  There are many sports fans around the world that have a particular team that they are interested in.  Everyone has a specific team that they follow because it is their favorite or least favorite team.  Sports ranging from basketball, football (American), soccer, and others are followed on social media sites such as Facebook and twitter.  I found it interesting how most of my friends on these networking sites "like" or "follow" their favorite team seeking to gain more coverage and news about that franchise.  I have always wondered however, which team has the most fans following them on social media/networking websites.

I came across Sports Fan Graph which tracks 454,508,009 fans who like teams on Facebook and 97,603,253 fans who follow teams on twitter.  You can browse for specific teams by selecting the sport int he main menu bar, or filter via the drop down menu. Their data gets updated ever 12 hours to keep everything statistically legitimate.  I was extremely excited to go over the rankings over hundreds of teams!  In the top five there were 1. FC Barcelona with 9,843,681 twitter followers and 32,142,322 Facebook Fans , 2. Real Madrid with 4,855,626 twitter followers and 29,108,687 Facebook Fans, 3. Manchester United with 0 twitter followers and 25,591,327 Facebook Fans, 4.NBA with 10,927,099 Twitter followers and 14,406,647 Facebook Fans, and last but not least 5. Los Angeles Lakers with 2,567,166 twitter followers, and 13,712,103 Facebook fans.  Although there are many many more teams on the list, I thought the top five were the most influential statistically.

Overall I thought this website was extremely interesting because it provided statistical information regarding fan favorite franchise teams.  Instead of debating the issue through what one may think, it is proven through concrete information that is updated every 12 hours.  I found this website to be interesting and the websites also gives sports coverage.  

Click here to find out the real fan favorite!

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