Saturday, June 9, 2012

Columbia Journalism School offers Scholarship Program for Investigative Journalism

If you are thinking about going to graduate school for journalism, Columbia may be the place for you. Columbia School of Journalism has created a M.S. program that focuses only on investigative journalism. Columbia journalism school has expanded and consolidated its investigative offerings by establishing the Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism. The program offers two fellowships to students who are commited to the program, which means that half of your tuition could be paid for along with generous aid to conduct research. (Click here for more informantion on fellowship)

Because of Toni Stabile and her need to investigate the Cosmetic industry to reveal their ingredients for possible dangers, her expose paid off making the Columbia Stabile Center for investigative journalism possible in 2006.

The Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism goal is to train students to have and create a distinguished career in investigative journalism. Students that seek the Master of Science degree are able to pursue this specialization in addition to the traditional M.S. concentrations of broadcast, newspaper, magazine, and digital media.

If you are interested you may want to apply as soon as possible because the Stabile Center is very competitive. The program only admits 15 students per year and administers the Toni Stabile Investigative Project Fund that supports the most important and promising stories by the center’s graduates. The program allows for the best of the best to have their stories published and aired for the world to see. This program sounds like a great place to be for aspiring journalist of all kind, and Jeff Brazil might agree with me.

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